dinsdag 16 april 2019

Blood On The Tracks Test Pressing

The Blood On The Tracks Test Pressing has taken on near-mythical status -- I have read several sources on-line indicating that something like five copies are known to exist! Some collectors consider this to be one of the great "holy grails" of record collecting, right up there alongside The Beatles' "butcher" cover (which I am still seeking, btw), the Mono edition of Paul McCartney's RAM (which was reissued several years ago, fyi) and the first Buddy Holly & The Crickets LP (of which I finally found a beautiful DJ copy last year at a thrift shop, but I digress...). 
So, here -- finally, after years of only hearing the murky bootlegged version -- we have a fine replica of the actual Blood On The Tracks Test Pressingwhich was released in a very, very (very) limited quantity in 1974 before Dylan decided to rework the record for its final incarnation (now considered one of his finest works). And again, this seems to include one track not on the boxed set that many Dylan fans have wanted for decades in particular (stay tuned about that...).

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