zondag 14 september 2014

Old Crow Medicne Show – Sweet Amarillo

Well the world's greatest wonder from what I can tell
Is how a cowgirl like you could ever look my way
I was blinded by glory with a half written story
And a song spilling out off of every page

Sweet Amarillo
Tears on my pillow
You never will know
How much I cried
Sweet Amarillo
Like the wind in the willows
Damn this old cowboy
For my foolish pride

So I drifted on down from the Iron Ore Range
Across the wide Missouri where the cool waters flow
When I got to Topeka I looked yp your name
But they said you rode off with the last rodeo


Well the thunder's a rumbling and the tumbleweeds tumbling
And the rodeo clowns are paining theire face
I'm gunning the throttle for Ilano Estecado
On a wild Appaloosa I'm blowing your way

Down in the Old Amarillo there's a light in the window
Where a road weary shadow drifts into the arms
Of a long distance lover when they turn back te covers
And dance the Redova 'til the light of the dawn


© Bob Dylan, Ketch Secor, Critter Fuqua, 2014

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